Coaching & Mentoring

The Institute for Applied Positive Psychology is committed to supporting our colleagues from all professional backgrounds with supervision, coaching and mentoring as they progress on their journey towards being confident and competent practitioners of Positive Psychology. To select the most relevant service to help you build you skills in applying this approach to your work, read the following definitions:

Supervision is typically provided by an experienced practitioner to a trainee or less experienced colleague within the context of a specific work role to help the supervisee reflect and develop. This can cover discussion of their role, the interface between personal and professional matters, how they wish to develop, helping them to link theory and practise, to formulate what is going on with complex cases and to be aware of the systemic context of their work team, the organisation, and broader professional issues. Supervision is distinct from “mentoring” as it tends to be focused more on the specific skills required to operate effectively within a defined work role.

Coaching is a method of improving individual or team performance through direct and focused instruction in order to learn a particular skill or work towards a set goal. It usually involves an external expert or coach and is typically achieved through a specially designed and structured set of learning tasks, each task building progressively on those completed beforehand. The key to coaching is the focus on deepening one’s knowledge or skills in relation to a specific area of professional practice.

Mentoring is defined as an important tool for professional development at any level of experience. It is typically provided by someone with expertise in a similar field of practice with qualities that appeal to the mentee’s sensibilities and professional objectives, be they skills, expertise or shared vision. The mentor provides counsel, insight and guidance and acts as a sounding board for ideas and decisions that relate to the mentee’s career. A mentor can provide advice in professional development strategies, planning career goals, establishing contacts in the field of interest, feedback and exchange of ideas.


  • $155 per hour (Non-member single session)
  • $135 per hour (Member single session)
  • $435 for 3 pre-booked sessions (Non-member)
  • $375 for 3 pre-booked sessions (Member)
  • $810 for 6 pre-booked sessions (Non-member)
  • $690 for 6 pre-booked sessions (Member)
  • $1,250 for 10 pre-booked sessions (Non-member)
  • $1,050 for 10 pre-booked sessions (Member)
  • $95 per hour (3 follow-up coaching vouchers after Master Classes, Intensives and Retreats*)


  1. All supervision, coaching and mentoring sessions must be pre-paid at least 5 days before the booked session either by credit card (details provided by phone to our booking service) or on Tax Invoice via PayPal.
  2. Changes can be made to pre-booked sessions, but we appreciate at least 5 days’ notice to allow us enough time to offer that session to someone else.
  3. Multiple-session bookings and vouchers from intensives or retreats must all be completed within 12 months of booking the first session or finishing the course; unused sessions cannot be carried over to subsequent years.
  4. Sessions can be booked as face-to-face, via telephone or videoconference (for security reasons we only use VSee for this service).
  5. To participate in a videoconference session, please download and install VSee to your device. When you have done this, please advise us via email so we can invite you to our Contact List; you will also need to add Dr Kate Lemerle to your own Contact List. Once these steps are completed, we proceed in the same way as you would with any Skype call. If we encounter technical difficulties, we will switch to a telephone consultation.