Applied Positive Psychology in Clinical Practice E-Course

In 2016 we launched our flagship 8-week e-Course “Applied Positive Psychology in Clinical Practice”. This unique program combines a structured set of 8 self-paced learning modules designed to teach the core principles and practical skills for applying Positive Psychology in the work you do with your clients. This course is ideal for counsellors, psychologists, social workers, mental health OT’s, and anyone working in a mental health setting.

The course is designed to help you learn practical ways to weave this approach into treatment plans for promoting human flourishing. Each module covers both theory and clinical tools including assessments and interventions used in the treatment of common clinical conditions, as well as cutting edge research from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. We aim to give you a broad and deep immersion in this field so you can readily put it to work with your clients.

You can choose three levels of participation:

  • Basic Course– the Basic Course includes only the 8 learning modules which you can complete at your own pace;
  • Deluxe Level 1, which includes the Basic Course plus 3 individual online coaching sessions to help you apply your learning to your own specific work situation (available by phone or video conference to be redeemed within 12 months of starting the course);
  • Deluxe Level 2, which includes the Basic Course plus 6 individual coaching sessions (available by phone or video conference to be redeemed within 12 months of starting the course).

Self-Paced Learning: How Does it Work?

The program is self-paced and you can work on each module at your own rate. Each week you receive the link to an online learning pack that includes a study guide, selected readings, links to additional learning media such as podcasts and YouTube videos, and an activity worksheet to help you put your learning into practice. All up, you will spend about 2-4 hours per week on each module. When you’ve completed all 8 modules, you can submit a short case study OR reports from at least two of the learning activities demonstrating how you applied your learning in practice to receive a Certificate of Completion which will record 18 hours of CPD.

Course Outline:

  • Week 1: Theoretical Foundations of Positive Psychology
  • Week 2: The Neuroscience of Positivity
  • Week 3: Understanding Flourishing and Human Strengths
  • Week 4: Methods for Measuring Outcomes in Positive Psychology I – Emotions and Cognitions
  • Week 5: Methods for Measuring Outcomes in Positive Psychology II – Interpersonal
  • Week 6: Positive Psychology Interventions I – Positive Psychotherapy
  • Week 7: Positive Psychology Interventions II – Mindfulness and Neuropsychotherapy
  • Week 8: Positive Psychology Interventions III – Interpersonal Psychology (Couples & Families)

Optional Support Coaching Sessions

To add value to your learning experience, we also offer two packages of individual online coaching sessions which you can use throughout the course, or at any time within 12 months of registering. Coaching sessions can be booked by telephone or via videoconference using VSee, a secure online platform we use exclusively for our coaching and counselling services.

Deluxe Level 1: Add 3 individual coaching sessions @ $110 each or $95 each for IAPP members
Deluxe Level 2: Add 6 individual coaching sessions @ $95 each or $75 each for IAPP members

That’s up to 24 hours of structured active learning and coaching in clinical applications of Positive Psychology!

 For further information please email us now