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Are you weary with the medical model and only treating symptoms?

Positive Psychology is now a broad field that integrates research, theory and practice of human thriving. At the core of this approach is the principle that people want to develop their personal strengths and strive to become the best they can across all life domains. This includes optimising positive emotions and recovering well after difficult experiences. It’s about building strong and resilient connections with other people. And it’s about living a life that’s meaningful and gives purpose to our days. 

Positive Psychology isn’t just about happiness or doing kind deeds – it’s about applying the science behind how the brain works so the mind functions at its best. This includes becoming skillful at managing our emotional lives and mental processes – thoughts – more effectively so we deepen subjective wellbeing. It’s also about learning everyday techniques for achieving good health (physical, mental and spiritual) and enjoying rich and satisfying relationships.

Positive Psychology draws extensively on emerging theories and evidence from Neuroscience, which explains how profoundly the brain and mind-body connections are altered when we apply Positive Psychology in our everyday lives. New fields are emerging including Nutritional Neuroscience (eating the foods we need for good gut health as the platform for good brain function), Post Traumatic Growth (using adversity to trigger personal development through neuroplasticity), Positive Education (creating school cultures that develop the best in our children), and Positive Psychotherapy (applications of Positive Psychology for treating mental illnesses).

Join us to learn the craft of helping people flourish.

Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

We provide a unique suite of professional development options designed to bring Positive Psychology and Neuroscience into everyday practice.  Our goal is to demystify the theory and provide practical skills-based learning for professionals in clinical, educational, organisational and community settings.

Unlike typical academic courses, we are practitioners who’ve learned through many years of experience. We pride ourselves on designing learning experiences that are flexible and can be adapted for the needs of clinicians (psychologists and counsellors, social workers, nurses and doctors), teachers and educational consultants, community development professionals, and those in the business or corporate world (human resources managers, team leaders, and executive coaches).  To this end, we tailor our core packages so they are fully customised for our trainees. Most importantly, we want your learning experience to be fun and inspiring!

Here’s how we can help you become a Positive Psychology Practitioner….

  • Intensive 5-day training retreats in small, skills-based learning groups
  • Individualised coaching, mentoring and supervision packages (including online support)
  • Monthly Q&A sessions where we offer practical solutions to help you progress with your clients
  • Podcast packs & learning guides that coach you in practical applications of Positive Psychology
  • Webinars covering a wide range of Positive Psychology and Neuropsychotherapy topics


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