Employee Coaching Program (ECP)

Our Employee Coaching Program (ECP) is a unique service available to businesses and organisations that are committed to investing in their most valuable asset – their people.

An ECP offers all staff access to a limited number of free coaching services so each and every person can develop their strengths, enhance their life skills underpinning work performance, and discover what makes them thrive so they can be perfectly fitted to their job. By investing in your people, the “bottom line” improves through reduced turnover, fewer workplace injuries and accidents, and productivity is boosted because happier people work harder.

For example, recent US research has shown that about 50% of workers are engaged with their jobs and workplace to a moderate degree, 25% to a high degree, and 25% to a lesser degree. Engagement shoots up when workers feel valued –

  • 92% of employees who feel valued are satisfied with their jobs, compared to only 29% if they do not feel valued;
  • 91% feel motivated to do their best if they feel valued, compared with 25% if they don’t feel valued;
  • Only 25% feel tense or stressed at work if they feel valued.

How does the ECP work?

An Employee Coaching Program (ECP) works along the same lines as an EAP (Employee Assistance Program). Your company or organisation establishes a contract with us to provide staff with access to a fixed number of individual coaching sessions (either a package of 3 sessions or a package of 6 sessions).

We provide you with information about the service that can be distributed to the workforce. If an employee decides to opt in for some coaching sessions, they contact us directly and we allocate them with a company and personal ID number so their identity remains confidential, but we can track how many of your staff are using the service.

Your employee attends coaching services online at a time arranged with their assigned Coach, and we simply bill you monthly for services provided.

What are the qualifications of the Coaches?

Our coaches are all psychology graduates with a specialized interest and additional training in organisational applications of Positive Psychology. We provide all our coaches with ongoing supervision and mentoring, and encourage them to attend specialized training in advanced Coaching Psychology.

Are there other services available to support our employees?

Yes, we can complement the ECP with a traditional EAP (Employee Assistance Service) that provides your people with access to counselling for personal or work-related problems.

What does it cost?

  • Annual contract for ECP or EAP: $1,800 (+ GST) (covers marketing materials and administration)
  • Coaching sessions: $155 per hour (+ GST) (3 sessions) or $135 per hour (+ GST) (6 sessions)

What next?

If you would like to review the ECP in more detail you can download our contract for services here.

If you would like one of our team to talk with you about setting up an ECP with us please use the form below to send an enquiry or email pospsych13@iinet.net.au