“Inner Odyssey” Retreat for Women

If you’re ready to step off the treadmill and take a breather – “me” time – this retreat is just for you!

Our “Inner Odyssey Women’s Retreat” gives you much-needed time out to reconnect with your own personal life compass.

Rekindle the vision that drives you, reconnect with your core self, rebalance and refuel.

Norfolk Island

As women, we struggle throughout much of our lives with trying to find – and keep- life balance. Too often, this is diagnosed as Depression yet at our core we know it’s not. It’s exhaustion – physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual.
It’s burnout.
Whether we’re trying to climb the corporate ladder or raise a healthy family, keeping all the balls in the air at once takes its toll. And not far beneath the surface is the struggle to hold onto our own identity and dreams. To remember the dreams that inspired us early in life, to reconnect with our passions.
The purpose of this retreat is to reawaken the fire in the belly.

What’s in it for you?

This unique 7-day retreat is specially designed for women whose drive for that vision of personal success is burning them out. Our aim is to nip this in the bud and give you an experience that will change your life. That will get you back on track with a new set of tools in the toolbox to live beyond resilience – to thrive!

Here’s what we offer:

  • Exclusive “Inner Odyssey for Women” Workbook to guide you throughout the retreat;
  • Daily workshops to dive into your SELF, build insight and add new skills that will sustain a flourishing life;
  • Individual coaching sessions to supplement the Workbook (if you come with a group);
  • Optional Pamper Pack for complete relaxation;
  • …and plenty of free time to explore Norfolk Island’s World Heritage Listed museums, join local tours to discover the many cottage industries on the island, shop till you drop, or just sit and watch the ocean from our superb beaches.

The details:

  • Inner Odyssey for Women” Workbook – this unique workbook gives you a framework to steer your personal reflection on what it would take to re-balance your life. Filled with activities to prompt reflection, this is the centrepiece of our retreat and will become a great resource to ensure your gains from the experience stay with you well into the future;
  • Daily workshops are a semi-structured block of time to come together with the other members of the retreat or enjoy completely personalized life coaching to discover who you are, better ways to put your strengths into practice, and discuss those issues that are common to us as women. Along the way you’ll learn useful strategies for rebalancing life and staying well.

Each group session includes plenty of time for open and honest discussion, sharing tips, and giving each other support for the journey ahead. And individual sessions allow you to dive deeply into the learning and explore how to put this to work in your own life.

  • If you come as a group, we add to the group workshops  Personal Coaching sessions that are tailored to help you achieve the changes you want to make in your own life;
  • If you come alone, we give you undivided attention with daily life coaching sessions tailored specifically to your needs, plus we organise any additional pampering you need to make this the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.
  • Pamper Pack – who doesn’t want to just chill out with a deep massage or reiki session, catch up with some yoga to stretch the body, learn mindfulness to still the racing mind, do something a bit different by discovering watercolour painting or finding out more about our little piece of paradise with a guided bushwalk. You can construct your own Pamper Pack and we’ll do our best to deliver!
  • Explore Norfolk Island – we give you plenty of free time to explore our fascinating history at Norfolk Island’s World Heritage Listed convict settlement (some say it beats Part Arthur!). Right on our doorstep is the national park with its incredible natural wonders and easy hiking trails, or we can direct you to other spots of breathtaking beauty around the island. Take your pick of the many optional local tours to discover our cottage industries – goat farms and cheese-making, traditional weaving, pottery and wood-working, jewellery craft, and much more. Wander along the main street of Burnt Pine and browse the shops (leave plenty of room for new shoes), enjoy a coffee at our quaint cafes, take a swim at world-famous Emily Bay or try snorkelling through the unspoiled coral at Slaughter Bay…there’s so much to do boredom is not something you need to worry about!

What will you get out of this retreat?

We have put together a unique package that will give you fresh new skills derived from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience for super-charging your mind and your emotional wellbeing to:

  • Remodel self-limiting beliefs and behaviours into powerful drivers for change;
  • Gain renewed insight and confidence based on your “signature strengths” with the world-recognised VIA Strengths Survey and personality traits using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI);
  • Turn on dynamic positive emotions such as optimism, gratitude, wonder and enthusiasm even on the worst of days;
  • Reconnect with your life purpose to stay focused on the long-term outcomes you want;
  • Realign the body, mind and spirit using practical Mindfulness tools and guided meditations;
  • ….and simply renew yourself!

Why Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island is a pacific gem right on Australia’s doorstep, a little over two hours’ flying time from Brisbane or Sydney, and no passports or medicals required! The moment you land, you’ll be overwhelmed by a sense of peacefulness and wonder. Best of all, Norfolk Island is the ideal destination for women travellers – we still don’t lock our doors at night, you can spend the day wandering our magnificent sub-tropical trails or lazing on the beaches in complete safety. Time has stood still here, we enjoy locally grown fruits and vegetables all year round, and everyone in our community warmly welcomes you to our shores with a wave. Come and see for yourself…

Where is the retreat held?

Unlike many other retreat packages, we don’t have a 5-star resort that offers you all the mod cons of home – we let you choose where you prefer to stay and this gives you that little bit of extra independence to enjoy your time your own way.

Norfolk Island offers a diverse range of accommodation options from B&B-style homestays, self-catering villas from budget to executive style, and fully serviced resorts.

Let us know whether you’re coming alone, or with a group, and we’ll be sure to give you several selected options to perfectly meet your needs. We also offer the option of renting a whole house where a group can stay together and fully experience the lifestyle of Norfolk Island.

Your Investment:

  • Individual retreat – $1,540
  • Group retreat (minimum 3 people) – $1,190 pp 
  • Pamper Pack @ $325 per person

Please note this price is for the retreat program only, airfares and accommodation can be arranged for you or you can make these bookings yourself.

Can’t get away for 7 days? Ask us about our 3-day retreat option.

The Fine Print

  • This package is available as a one-on-one exclusive coaching program OR let us tailor-make the package for your work team.
  • The Individual Retreat includes 14 hours of Personal Life Coaching and the Group Retreat (minimum 3 people) includes 10 hours of group workshops plus 4 hours of individual Life Coaching sessions.
  • There are no pre-set dates for this retreat – we can arrange dates to suit your schedule.
  • Non-refundable deposit of $600 is required when booking with payment plan on request.
  • The fee excludes airfares and accommodation as these vary depending on the time of year you want to come over. Or we can make all arrangements to suit your budget and room preferences. Simply contact us for a quote.
  • We recommend travel insurance even though Medicare now applies. We have limited medical facilities on island (medevac’s are expensive!)
  • No refund for cancellations within 30 days of booking. Changes to bookings may be available with more than 30 days’ notice, at our discretion.