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Our Mindfulness Based Burnout Recovery Retreats are designed exclusively for busy professionals to rebuild vitality and balance. Whether you’re an executive, doctor or nurse, teacher, allied health practitioner, or just simply an exhausted business owner, we know how devastating burnout can be and how hard it is to allow yourself to ask for help.

Why is this retreat so important?

Statistics show that at least 65% of professionals suffer burnout at some point throughout their working lives. In particular, those working in the human service industries are most at risk – doctors and nurses, psychologists and counsellors, teachers, paramedics and emergency services workers, and many more who care for others in their professional roles.

Just consider this for a moment…if 65% of people in your workplace suffered broken limbs or an infectious disease whilst on the job, there would be a massive outcry around the globe.

But because burnout is well concealed, creeps up so insidiously, and is often covered up due to shame, we don’t even realise it’s there until someone “drops”.

Burnout is a hidden epidemic in the workforce. And whilst our employers have an obligation to address this along with other health and safety risks, it’s also up to each of us individually to protect ourselves and take steps to recover when the symptoms set in.

Find out if you are at risk for burnout…complete this Burnout Questionnaire. What are you doing now to avoid this insidious risk, how well is it working for you, and what could you do better?

About our retreats

We offer our retreats at any time throughout the year. Come by yourself for an exclusive week of intensive recovery work, or bring your team and let’s tackle burnout together.

And once a year we offer a special retreat just for team leaders and CEO’s who want to design a burnout-free organisation.

How does the retreat work?

Unlike luxury 5-star retreats, we get back-to-basics without all the fancy trimmings…but we know that simplifying life down is the first step towards recovering from burnout.

You will stay in accommodation of your choice, from one of the fully serviced local resorts, to a self-contained “house” or villa unit where you can relax in your own space. Norfolk Island offers a wide range of accommodation options from budget self-catering to high-end exclusive villas with stunning views and complete privacy or book an entire holiday house for your group.

We want to make the whole experience simple and easy for you, so we can handle all the arrangements including finding you the most suitable airfare and accommodation package to fit your budget. But if you prefer to make the arrangements yourself that’s also fine.

What happens at the retreats?

On your first night, we enjoy a welcome dinner at one of our superb local restaurants, before you settle down for the night and enjoy…complete silence! We guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby.

The workshop schedule is flexible – you can do 5 x 3-hour sessions, or any combination of half-day and full-day workshops.

Each session includes structured activities to deepen insight into your own risk and protective factor profile, learn more about the neuroscience of burnout and resilience, and enjoy a sampling of guided Mindfulness experiences and other experiential activities designed to  equip you with practical tools for building personal resilience.

Throughout the retreat, you will work on a project to create your own self-care plan that will strengthen your mental fitness and confidence in beating burnout. This will consolidate your learning and set you on a sustainable path to recovery.

You will learn how to:

  • Easily integrate simple mindfulness exercises into a busy work day
  • Change unhelpful thinking habits that take you down the slippery slope
  • Retrain your brain to optimise good feelings and resolve bad feelings more quickly
  • Put more balance back into your life and regain self-determination
  • Apply your own self-care plan within your own work context

Is the retreat all about learning?

Not at all! We know that taking time out to have fun is as important as the structured sessions.

So we can include our Pamper Pack as an optional set of activities to help you unwind and have fun – massage, yoga, tai chi, painting classes, Awe Walks, and more.

Or simply use your free time to choose from the many activities available on Norfolk Island – take a round of golf on the spectacular 9-hole course overlooking the Pacific Ocean, hike the trails through our sub-tropical National Park, join daily tours exploring the island’s culture and cottage industries, discover Norfolk Island’s  mutinous past through our museums and convict ruins, browse our art galleries and craft markets, swim or snorkel in our enclosed beach at Emily Bay, or simply just enjoy doing nothing!

Is there an opportunity for individual consultations?

Absolutely! We know that burnout has many nasty ripple effects not only within your workplace but within your family and other social groups. Or you might just want some personalized attention to talk through some of the issues that come up during workshops. Individual coaching sessions can be scheduled to help you target in on the areas of change you most need.

Here’s what you can choose:

Basic Retreat

  • Option 1: (Individual Retreat)
    • 5 x 3-hour workshops @ $2,025
  • Option 2: (Luxury Individual Retreat)
    • 5 x 3-hour workshops plus 3 hours personal coaching (available during or after the retreat via videoconference) @ $2,355

Retreat Plus Pamper Pack

  • Pamper Pack (optional add-on) @ $325 pp
    • Includes half-day island tour, yoga class, massage, watercolour painting class, and guided bushwalk
  • Select from Norfolk Island’s wide range of guided tours to learn about the history, culture and ecology of this very special place. All tours at cost price.

Getting Here

Air New Zealand Flights to Norfolk Island:

  • Sydney – Norfolk Island: Flying on Mondays and Fridays
  • Brisbane – Norfolk Island: Flying on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Please note airfares are not fixed – we recommend booking at least several months ahead to get the best deals.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Non-refundable deposit 50% required at time of booking
  2. Installment plan on request for the balance to be paid no later than 6 weeks before your scheduled retreat
  3. Travel insurance is strongly recommended in case of medical emergency
  4. We recommend always travelling with your Passport in case flights need to be diverted due to bad weather.

Why Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island is only a little over 2-hours flying time from Brisbane or Sydney. From the moment you land, its breathtaking beauty captivates our visitors, imbuing a sense of having stepped back into bygone times when life was simple and we had time to breathe. Norfolk Island is bathed in a remarkable history.

Discovered by Captain Cook prior to finding the Australian mainland, it was set up as a convict colony twice with some of Australia’s most brutal governors before being settled in 1856 by the descendants of the infamous Mutiny on the Bounty led by Fletcher Christian – 194 folk who had lived in almost complete isolation for some 67 years on Pitcairn Island.

Today, many locals still carry the names of the original mutineers, and retain a strong cultural tradition of living sustainably whilst preserving their unique language and culture.

Whilst exploring our piece of paradise, you can enjoy art and craft tours showcasing the remarkable talent of folk who “make do”, enjoy fabulous culinary delights made with zero-food-miles produce, immerse yourself in the island’s remarkable history displayed in our numerous museums, swim with the tropical fish and snorkel through the coral wonderland of Emily Bay, or hike through our serene National Park and perhaps even meet our famous Green Parrots.

There’s more to Norfolk Island, come and explore this secret gem right outside your front door!