When was the last time you completely stopped, took the time to breathe deeply and allowed all your senses to align with the environment around you, to “take stock” mentally about the journey that is your life, and consider whether the way you are spending your waking time is consistent with your “bucket list”, your core values, and the things for which you’d like to be remembered?

If, like most of us, you are hurtling through every day desperately trying to reach some elusive end point so you can then snatch a break…you need to STOP!

And we have found the perfect solution less than 3 hours from Australia’s east coast, a hideaway where everyone waves when you drive by, where you can savour some of the most inspiring views in complete solitude, where the pace of life slows to a crawl and you can literally smell the hibiscus, where the cows have right of way, and where there’s an abundance of amazing history along with some of the most divine cuisine made from ingredients grown only metres from the kitchen!

Come with us to the inspirational Norfolk Island, step out of your crazy life just for a week, let us share our experience of this very special place, whilst also providing you the chance to immerse yourself in a true learning experience…yes, a tax deductible holiday we know you will never forget.

Why Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island is located about 1400 kms east of Australia in the mid-Pacific Ocean. It was “discovered” by Captain Cook in 1774 during his second voyage around the world aboard HMS Resolution. Cook was struck by the island’s rugged beauty and reported that the flax and giant pines grew abundantly on the Island. In 1788, shortly after settlement in Sydney Cove, Lieutenant Philip Gidley King led a party of fifteen convicts to settle Norfolk Island with the view being to use it for growing food for the new Sydney Cove settlement. A township was established and the convicts cultivated the ground and planted crops of vegetables and seeds which were to be shipped back to Sydney to help with the near starvations which were crippling the city.

From 1789 the island had a succession of short term commandants for the next 11 years. It was abandoned in June 1825, but a colonial convict settlement recommenced in 1836 as a place of punishment for recidivists and other antisocial British subjects. The dark history of the island continued until 1855 with the removal of the last of the convicts.

On the 8th June 1856, Queen Victoria granted the rights for 194 people including descendants from the Bounty Mutiny to relocate to Norfolk Island from Pitcairn Island where their community had outgrown the resources available. They brought with them a language and culture which had evolved over their years of almost complete isolation on Pitcairn, and which continues to this very day. In fact, many descendants of the original mutineers who were led by Fletcher Christian still live on the island and maintain deep pride in their heritage as well as an abiding commitment to sustainable living on their small island. The history of the Mutiny on the Bounty is kept alive in many ways today.

Today, along with tourism, many boutique industries are flourishing. Yet despite everyone working hard, the way of life remains simple, with a unique commitment to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle – potter along the quite by-roads to collect the vegies and fruit you want for the evening meal, duck down to Emily Bay for a swim or snorkel, or take a wander through the National Park – and absolutely no snakes to worry about!

Visitors are “blown away” by the “Norfolk wave” (it’s customary to wave to everyone as you pass by in your car), it is truly one of the few places that still offers complete safety (you don’t need to watch your pockets or lock your doors at night) whilst also brimming with history remarkably restored and preserved. For those with an appreciation of the natural world, Norfolk Island offers extraordinary photographic opportunities, and boasts some unique flora and fauna endemic to the island. Every day can be spent joining the many guided tours and events designed to share the island with visitors, or if you prefer, simply sit and watch the breathtaking ocean views – it really is like a cruise that guarantees no seasickness! And wherever you go, friendly customer service and superlative cuisine guarantees mouthwatering delights.

We discovered this place in 2014 and have been running retreats here ever since. We are absolutely confident that if you really want an experience to remember, one that refuels the soul, Norfolk Island is the place to come!

We offer a selection of Retreats: